TASK helps and supports people with disabilities and their families with:

Special Education


504 Plans


Transition Services

Assistive Technology

Alternative & Augmentative Communication

Transition Plans

Disability Services

How TASK Helps

Perhaps you have just received a diagnosis for your child and need guidance on what to do next. Or maybe you’ve hit a roadblock in special education and you’re unsure about your rights and responsibilities and the next steps to take. Or maybe you’d like to know if an AAC device would help a loved one who is nonverbal. TASK is here to help! Call us at (866) 828-8275 for help with:

  • Telephone support and assistance with special education and the IEP process
  • Workshops on special education and transition planning
  • IEP consultations and document review
  • Assistive technology labs and AAC consultations
  • Programs for transition-age youth
  • Resources and referrals

Our helpful staff can answer questions, review IEP documents, provide youth programs for building social and self-advocacy skills, recommend assistive technology solutions, and offer referrals to support groups and other helpful agencies. Call us at (866) 828-8275 for more information!