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Meet TASK's Board of Directors

TASK would like to introduce a  Board of Directors and thank them for their ongoing service to our organization.

Tom Bratkovich and familyTom Bratkovich is currently TASK's Board Treasurer. He is an investment advisor for large public pension plans. His hobbies include mountain biking, swimming and kids. He has three kids and one dog.

They are listed as follows: Nick -- eight years old, sports fan, mild right hemi; Holly -- four years old, ballerina; Tess -- nine years old, swimmer; and Winnie -- five months old, yellow lab.

Tom initially came to TASK when he posted interest on a non-board board match-making site, TASK's executive director Marta responded, and the rest is history. He has now been on our board since 2005.

Tom states that aspects of TASK's legal trainings have been useful to his family personally. He serves on TASK's Board of Directors because "the work and people here are compelling, and we have many friends that could use the TASK services effectively."   Leana Way and family

Leana Way has been on TASK's board since February, 2010.

Leana and her husband have been married for over 20 years. She was Honorably Discharged from active duty United States Army, where she was an X-ray technician. She has a bachelor's degree in business from Cal Poly and currently assists her husband in his network consulting business while being a stay-at-home mom. Leana lists her hobbies as running, mountain biking, trail running, sewing, cooking and baking.

Leana's children are Philip, age nine and Megan, age seven.  Philip's journey into Special Education started in kindergarten, where Leana noticed that Philip was steadily falling behind his peers in his speech, reading ability and writing. "Despite our best efforts to help him at home and in school, he was still struggling. Then in the first grade, after an evaluation, it was determined that he would need Special Education. He now attends regular classes and is pulled out for his RSP and Speech and Language classes." Since Philip started his Individualized Education Plan, there have been ups and downs, many victories and setbacks, but Philip continues to improve and is doing well with the supports that are now in place.

Leana was initially introduced to TASK when she attended an assistive technology workshop at Parents' Place. Her children have been attending Camp TECHie and the monthly Saturday TECH labs ever since!

Leana stated that she decided to serve on TASK's Board because "I believe in the work that TASK does in helping parents and children. This was a way that I thought I could contribute."

Leana added, "When the Special Education tools are in place, it can help [our children] rise above their circumstances and thrive into responsible adults contributing to their community."

Thank you to all of our board members for your dedicated service. If you are interested in being on TASK's Board of Directors, please contact us for more information at (866) 828-8275.

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